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Research Shows Believing in God Improves Mental Health

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (164)

Below is an exciting article that was recently posted on the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions website (www.agrm.org):

"Researchers have found that there is a direct correlation between good mental health and believing in a higher power. Whether you are Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Jewish or belief in another faith, you are more likely to have less stress and better mental health than those who do not affiliate themselves with any religious group, reports Recordnet.com.

"Researchers analyzed the results of three studies and the results of their findings are astonishing. The surveys interviewed 160 people total. Of that group, 40 were Buddhist, 41 were Catholic, 22 were Jewish, 26 were Muslim and 31 were Protestant. Amongst all of the faiths, those who said that they were actively spiritual had better mental health, were more extroverted and were less likely to be neurotic.

"As researchers looked into the personality traits of each participant, they also compared levels of mental health. While one type of personality wasn't determined to be "healthier" than another type, researchers did conclude that those who believed in a higher power and believed in forgiveness were mentally happier than those who didn't.

"In the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers followed patients receiving care from a hospital-based behavioral health program, hoping to correlate their relationship with religion and the outcome of their treatments. They were not surprised when they found that those who believed in a higher power did significantly better with short-term psychiatric treatment. Individuals with faith also had fewer depressive symptoms.

"The conclusion of every study revealed that spiritual belief is, in fact, associated with mental health."

Why is this so exciting? Because, for the first time, science has discovered what Christian's have known for centuries ... God can and will bring peace and harmony to the chaos in your life!

The studies that support this conclusion were conducted at the University of Missouri, under the guidance of professionals in the fields of Social Work, Health Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Family and Community Medicine and Religious Studies. The expertise of those conducting these studies are solid and indisputable.

Although this is not the first time that studies have shown that claims and life-instructions found in God's Word are solid and can, indeed, have profound effects on anyone willing to put them to effect, this is the first time it has been published in a highly respected Journal. HALLELUJAH!

Of course, we at Victory Mission have recognized this since our very beginning in 1952 (as the Soledad Mission). Becuase our program is TOTALLY faith-based, the succeses that we have seen during the past 50+ years can only be attrbuted to the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives.

With your help. for the next 50 years, we can continue to bring these life-changing truths to those who are struggling to find answers and overcome the hurts, hang-ups and habits that have kept them from finding the fulfilled and joyful life we all deserve.

Ken Cusson, Executive Director - VICTORY MISSION, INC.

Come back soon!

Posted on June 29, 2016 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (1)

I will be sharing sone thoughts about our work with the homeless in Salinas in the next few days. Please come back soon!

Ken Cusson, Executive Director